Latinos criticized smiles on Twitch with sombrero and maracas – Emoji removed from the platform

Gamers Latino and Hispanic are unhappy with the new emoticons on Twitch, which depicts characters in a sombrero with a guitar and maracas. Platform has officially apologized and removed them. Emoticons added to the list available to all users within a month National Hispanic Heritage which takes place from 15 September to 15 October. That smiley fun of stereotypes, spoke first streamer mermaidqueenjude – Hispanic activist and representative of the community Rainbow Arcade, which is engaged in the popularization of LGBTQIA-content on Twitch. Mermaidqueenjude: «It’s rude, Twitch. It is not necessary to support the authors of the Latin American and Spanish origin using racial stereotypes. ” Mermaidqueenjude supported by its subscribers and other streamers. Gamers stated that Twitch be a responsible approach to the organization of events and involved in the planning of minorities and ethnic groups, which include the projects. Twitch: «These smiles were released to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, but we obviously did not hit the target. We apologize. They do not conform to the Latin American and Latin culture, therefore, have been removed. ” Earlier it was reported that Twitch will automatically run ads during the broadcast. Revenues from the platform it will share with streamers. remote smilies